Shepherd with a past


Str: d6
Agi: d8
Vit: d6
Alert: d8
Int: d6
Will: d8

LP: 14
Init: d8+d8

Covert d6, Open locks d8/Stealth d10
Discipline d6, Concentration d10/Intimidate d8
Guns d6, Assault rifles d10/Long rifles d8
Melee weapon d6, Garrote d8
Perception d6, Intuition d10
Survival d6, Desert d8

Branded (m) – They remember what you done. -2 steps on social skills with them who know your crimes.
Memorable (m) – Those scars make you one memorable Wong ba duhn. +2 alertness to your enemies for recognizing you.
Things don’t go smooth (M) – Fate or God is punishing you. Twice per session, the GM forces you to reroll and take the lower roll.
Traumatic flashes (M) – You can’t run away from nightmares, especially when you’re awake. Twice per session, the GM declares a traumatic flash, and you are incapacitated for d2 turns, and you suffer -2 steps on attributes for 10 minutes afterward.

Nose for trouble (m) – You’ve seen enough of it to see it coming. Intuition/Alert roll under unusual circumstances, +2 steps on Intuition/Alert in trouble situations.
Intimidatin’ manner (m) – Maybe it’s the scars, maybe it’s the cassock. +2 steps on Intimidation rolls.
Steady calm (M) – Nee tzao se mah, punk? You’re never shaken or scared except under extreme circumstances, enemies suffer -4 steps on Intimidating you.
Religiosity (M) – You present yourself as a man of God. +2 Will when dealing with other Christians, any PP spent on religious things count for double.

PP: 6 AP:4


Adam met “Preacher” in the town of New Connaught when he was trying to recover his ship.


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