Dexter "Dax" Rothschild

Tinkerer, mechanic, and builder/owner of "Epiphany"


Str: d4
Agi: d8
Vit: d6
Alert: d8
Int: d10
Will: d4

LP: 10
Init: d8+d8

Artistry d4
Craft d6, Blacksmithing d8/Metal Work d8
Mechanical Engineering d6, Create d10/Maintenance d10/Repair d10
Perception d6, Deduction d10
Technical Engineering d6, Create and Alter d12/Repair d12

Phobia (M) – Dax is terrified of the Black. -4 when doing anything in the Black, -2 when in sight.
Filcher (m) – Dax can’t resist picking up a bit of shiny for Epiphany.
Chip on Shoulder (m) – Dax don’t like folk looking down on him. -2 on social interactions with someone who’s condescending.
Credo (m) – “Harm neither man nor machine.”

Moment in Time (M) – When you focus, you can be one cool ja hwo. Performing technical activities, you can not be distracted except under exceptional circumstances.
Math Whiz (m) – Dax has got some brains when it comes to numbers. +2 on Engineering skills.
Mechanical Empathy (m) – Dax understands machines better than he understands himself. +2 when fixing machines.
Pack Rat (m) – All those shinies sure do pile up. 0PP=Inconsequential items, 1PP=Small items (1 credit or less), 2PP=Smallish items (5 credits or less), 3PP=Medium items (10 credits or less). Every use in one session increases the cost by 1 PP. Items must be the types of items you could normally get your hands on.

PP: 6 AP: 11 (3 ep1 + 4 ep2 + 4 rp)


Dex is a native to Persephone, and spent most of his adolescence following the only thing that’s on a young man’s mind: Building complex machines. Leastwise, that’s the only thing HE thought was on young men’s mind. He’s not without an amorous side, of course (“I made it to third base! That’s kissing with tongue, right?”), but he’s dedicated so much time to constructing his masterpiece, the Osprey class midbulk transport “Epiphany”, that he’s developed far more attachment to her than to any person.

Recently, he has fallen in with a cocky pilot in search of freedom and fortune.

Dexter "Dax" Rothschild

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