Enter: Stage Left

Into the Black

Last time on “Epiphany”…

Ex-browncoat and crack pilot, Adam Lear, teamed up with tinkerer and mechanic, Dexter “Dex” Rothschild on the planet of Persephone. Their hope was to go into freelance business using Dex’s brainchild Epiphany, an Osprey class midbulk transport, to sail the black in search of fortune and freedom.

Starting in the Feylian Docks, the duo met with a rough-and-tumble brawler and gunslinger named Quin. She impressed the pair by punching things with her fists until they stopped bothering her.

Dex and Adam found a shipping agent by the name of Li Peng who was looking to facilitate the transport of medical supplies to the planet of Three Hills in the Georgia System. Little did our heroes suspect that while the goods CAN be considered “medical”, they also have great value for recreational uses. Furthermore, while the goods may be legal in nature, the means by which they were being transported was decidedly not.

Upon leaving Persephone, the crew encountered Lt. Clementine, an up and coming young Alliance office. Li Peng’s creative forgery was all that stopped the Lt. from opening the crates and possibly confiscating the cargo. Adam’s brilliant piloting ensured that there were no further brushes with the Alliance.

Nearing Three Hills, the crew received a distress call from a stranded shuttle. The occupant identified himself as Markus Ace, a surveyor whose ship had malfunctioned. Overcoming his fear of space, Dex made his way over to the stricken ship and determined that the malfunction could have been due to exiting Three Hill’s atmo. Markus Ace was brought on board, and Ephiphany went planetside.

After Quin and Adam went to deliver the cargo to the Three Hills Kwea Jong O’Conner Memorial Hospital, Dex observed Markus Ace attempting to sneak back aboard into the engine room! Alerting Quin, Dex cornered Markus in the engine room, and flew into a berserk fury at the thought of someone hurting Epiphany. Quin arrived in the nick of time to save Dex from being gunned down from behind, mortally wounding one of Ace’s accomplices, and causing one to surrender.

Currently, Ace holds Dex, bleeding profusely from two holes in his abdomen, hostage, while Quin, six shooter now empty, faces down the last thug. Adam, businessman that he is, continues to the hospital to finish the job.


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